Go Digital! College Journey, The First Year Away! Annual Subscription

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Life is a journey, and health is important!  It's the "first year on their own" and a formative time in making healthy choices.  Today's choices become life-long choices!  SoulFIRE Health provides motivational, up-to-date health, nutrition and exercise information, with a College vibe!

What do you get with the SoulFIRE College Journey?  With a secure link, you place SoulFIRE Health College Journey throughout your website and other digital assets.
  • Starter Content
    • 24+ pieces of great content,  as an introduction to healthy lifestyles and behaviors
      • Nutrition
        • Nutrition choices
        • Easy, fast meals
        • Managing weight
      • Exercise
        • Get Moving
        • Lose Weight
        • Exercise Mindset
      • Social Eating
        • Eating at restaurants
        • Managing the Freshman 15

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