Weight & Eating Management Handouts

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These attractive copy-ready handouts promote a 'non-diet' solution to weight and eating concerns. Help your clients overcome the negative impact of food restrictions on their self-esteem, metabolism, weight and nutrition. Help them feel better about their bodies, address exercise resistance and deal with many of the emotional underpinnings related to overeating and poor nutrition. Reproducible Handouts Topice Include: Discover the F.U.N. Factor in Exercise Enjoying Good Nutrition Feeling Better About Your Body Today Fun, Non-Food Activities Healthy Self-Talk: Vital for Good Nutrition Holiday Eating Guide Have You Deprived Yourself of Enjoyable Foods? If I Were Thinner..... Identifying Emotional Eating Legalizing All Foods Maximizing Your Metabolism Overcoming the Fear of Being Deprived Again Portion Control the Non-Diet Way Fullness Signals" Portion Control the Non-Diet Way "Hunger Signals" Quick Tips for Nutritious Eating Reasonable Restaurant Eating Snacks in a Dash Self-Talk Journal Taming Cravings and Binges Taking Care of Your Emotional Needs Taking a Time-Out Tips for Weight and Eating Management What is a "Non-Diet" Approach What is "Good" Nutrition Weight and Eating Assessment

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