SuperMarket Savvy Shopping for Diabetes

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Provide a presentation on shopping tips for diabetes in a class room or your office. The Kit includes a 40 slide Power Point presentation that covers 8 aisles of the supermarket--Produce, Bread, Canned Dried Fruit, Rice, Pasta, Cereal, Breakfast Bars, Dairy, Snacks & Crackers, and Frozen Foods along with Speaker Notes.& Also included are 10 copy-ready Tip Sheets and Comparison Charts: Carbohydrate Counting Quick Tips Reading Nutrition Labels for Diabetes Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Carbohydrate Smart Snacks for Diabetes Comparison Chart Control Your Blood Sugar with Foods Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load Comparison Chart Natural Sweetener Alternatives Sweetener Comparison Chart Savvy Grocery Shopping Tips Ten Tips for Shopping on a Budget

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