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ALL NEW!  Nancy Clark's Sport Nutrition Collection  is developed with more than 30 yrs experience in coaching teams and athletes.  Nancy Clark has worked with NCES Catalog and SoulFire Health to share her knowledge with dietitians, coaches, athletes and parents. In an effort to achieve high performance of young adults with healthy dietary practices, Nancy Clark encouraged the development of this Collection in new digital formats to make content ever easy to share.  

Within the Sport Nutrition Collection, you will find a combination Professional Toolkit and Athlete's Journey. In total, there are 30+ items. Each has been beautifully designed to offer interest and appeal for multiple situations.  Use the Collection as an education program or for 1:1 coaching.  Maybe add the Athlete's Journey to your website!  

Find great presentations (Power Point formats), handouts (self print) and digital links (virtual coaching, chats and website sharing) -- something for every situation.  These thumbnail images are just a small portion of the value you receive with Nancy Clark's Sport Nutrition Collection!

Take a look at the all-star topics found in the Sports Nutrition Collection:  

  • Dietary Tips
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Carb Loading
  • Protein and Energy Needs (Male & Female) 
  • Recovery Foods
  • How to Boost Iron (Male & Female)
  • Losing Weight
  • Gaining Weight (bulking up)
  • Tips for Amenorrhea
  • Fluids and Hydration
  • Supplements
 Enjoy this 1 year Subscription to the Sports Nutrition Collection!

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