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The Diabetes Digital Collection is a Professional Toolkit and Consumer Journey of 30+ items for education, handouts and digital content in your coaching program.  Diabetes is a challenge for all patients and having the tools and resources to educate, support and guide is important for educators/coaches.  The SoulFIRE Health Collection helps to create awareness for the importance of monitoring blood glucose and changing nutrition and lifestyle factors for living with diabetes.

Includes 4 Stages of Items in the Coaching Toolkit!

Stage 1:  Education and Awareness

  • Diabetes Introduction Questionnaire
  • Dealing with Emotions 
  • Diabetes Coaching: A General Flow Chart
  • Coping with the New Diagnosis
  • Understanding Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
  • Reducing Added Sugars
  • Diabetes Snack List
  • Diabetes Journal
Stage 2:  Learning New Habits and Skills
  • Diabetes Meal Planning
  • 5 Steps for Patients and Families
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Pocket Portion Guide
  • Tips for Exercise
  • Sugar by its Many Names
Stage 3:  Making the Changes
  • Meal Prep the Right Way
  • Nutrition Terms Cheat Sheet
  • How to Use Glucose Wands
  • Goal Setting
  • Dining Out with Diabetes
  • Acute and Chronic Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Diabetes: Reflections Questionnaire
Stage 4:  Celebrate the Changes
  • Understanding Diabetes Symptoms
  • Eating Dense Foods
  • Tips for a Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle
  • Common Challenges for those Living with Diabetes
  • Diabetes Education: Reflections Questionnaire
Consumer Journey:  Self Exploration
  • Diabetes Snacks
  • Get Moving
  • Fun Mindset for Exercise
  • Pre Diabetes
  • Dining Out
  • Holiday Season Tips
  • Winter Produce
  • Summer Produce
  • Spring Produce
  • Fall Produce
Enjoy this 1 year Subscription to the Diabetes Collection at SoulFIRE Health!

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