SFH Activate a Healthier You

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No more DVDs!  NCES and SoulFIRE Health have been working to convert those great presentations of the past to digital formats. 


  • A digital presentation

  • A printable handout for of a Wellness Planner


1. Understand the importance of exercise

2. Define minimum daily exercise recommendations

3. Know your numbers

4. Planning your physical activity

5. Calculate Energy Balance

Educate and promote the importance of physical activity. Instruct ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. 

The attached slide presentation aims to meet the following are objectives:

??????? Understand the importance of physical activity
?? Understand the physical activity required each week
?? Know your numbers
?? Plan physical activity into your day/week
??????? Methods for calculating energy balance
? Track your physical activity 
?? Manage your diet

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