NutriKit Play & Learn: How to Eat Well

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NutriKit Play & Learn: How to Eat Well is a tool that is specifically designed to help you with the task of guiding your patients, students or audience to learn about nutrition and healthy eating patterns as part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating is one of the most powerful tools to prevent the development of many diseases. 
With NutriKit, you can teach basic concepts such as:
  • Identifying food items from each food group that are included in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • Designing menus.
  • Presenting a daily eating pattern with real serving sizes.
  • Illustrating foods that are rich in nutrients within each food group,
  • Demonstrating how to replace less healthy foods and beverages with others that are richer in nutrients.
  • Explaining which foods contain added sugars, saturated fats and/or sodium and in what amounts.
  • Assessing the total added sugar or fats/oils contained in foods and beverages, as measured in teaspoons.
  • Educating clients on the effect of different food preparation methods on caloric content.   
And many other activities that we will mention in this handbook, which will come up as you use the material.

NutriKit a tool for nutrition education. Life-size images of foods and beverages with amount and nutrition information indicated on the reverse side of each image. 

  • 152 Images of foods and beverages in real size. 
  • Images of teaspoons of sugar, oil, and butter.
  • A chart showing all the food and beverage images with their corresponding values.
  • A flannel cloth to attach food images while presenting to a group.
  • A canvas with an image of the ideal proportion of food in a healthy eating pattern.
  • A education guide

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