NCES The Health Beat

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Customizable newsletters at your fingertips! Choose from 24 uniquely designed monthly topics to help motivate your employees/clients/patients to make healthier lifestyle choices. Topics include: 1.) Stay Fit for Better Health 2.) Take It to Heart 3.) Super Foods: From Walnuts to Chocolate Milk, Find the Health Benefits in the Foods You Eat 4.) Label Reading 101 5.) Veggiemania 6.) Beverage Buzz 7.) Reasonable Restaurant Eating 8.) When Snack Attacks Strike 9.) Portion Control 10.) The Power of Nutrients 11.) Carb Smart 12.) The Fat Facts 13.) Healthy Weight: Does your Body Weight Really Matter? 14.) Enjoying Good Nutrition 15.) How to Create a Healthy Lunch Box 16.) The Truth about Fad Diets 17.) Fruitastic 18.) Organic Lifestyle 19.) Food Safety 20.) Start Smart with Breakfastruity Yogurt Parfait 21.) The Power of Milk 22.) Shopping on a Budget 23.) Diabetes Health 24.) Stress Free Holidays CDRom

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