NCES DVD Learning Combo Kit

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Continuous loop DVD's for easy, professional learning.

1.  Food & Mood:Learn how foods can negatively or positively affect your mood and energy levels. 

2.  When Snack Attack Strikes:  Teach how to choose healthy snacks from a vending machine. The importance of healthy snacking and good on the go snack ideas. 

3.  Right-Size Your Portions: Take a closer look at how portions have increased over the past decade and what it is doing to the waistlines. 

4.  Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day: Explore what a healthy breakfast should look like, the importance of eating breakfast and quick breakfast ideas for your on-the-go lifestyle. 

5.  Making Healthy Choices: Teach individuals how to follow a balanced diet and make healthy nutrition choices. 

6.  Activate a Healthier You: Teach individuals the importance of physical activity and instruct them on different was to incorporate into their daily lives.

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