Meal Lifter

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The Meal Lifter is a very simple platform that raises the (9” round) dinner plate several inches, reducing the distance from plate to mouth. The device increases visibility of the dinner plate and minimizes the amount of food that may otherwise fall off of the utensil, making eating more enjoyable, while providing greater ease and dignity for the individual. Pivoting on the elbow rather than lifting one’s arm makes it is demonstrably easier to feed oneself, allowing the individual to remain independent for a longer period of time. Quite often, nursing aids often raise the dinner plate using books or magazines, however the Meal Lifter provides a much more sanitary and dignified method of assisting the individual. 

According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, dementia patients often have a limited field of vision, and are unable to see their dinner plate. By raising the plate with the Meal Lifter, they are able to more easily see the food and feed themselves. Further, by wrapping one arm around the device, they have greater control, comfort and confidence while eating. 

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