How Much Fat & Sugar? Convenience and Coffee Shop Snacks

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Over half the US population stops at a convenience store each day and millions more frequent the local Starbucks or similar style coffee shop. The snacks foods available at these shops are loaded with fat and sugar. These tubes will display the amount of fat in the following: Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie, Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Long John, Caribou Coffee Apple Cinnamon Muffin, Monster Size Slim Jim Smoked Snack Stick, Hostess Donettes Mini Frosted Donuts, Little Debbie Cherry Fruit Pie, F’real Cookies and Cream Milkshake, Hot Stuff Pepperoni Personal Pizza Disc, Jimmy Dean Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich, Ball Park Grillmaster Beef Hot Dog. The arrow on each label indicates how much added sugar is found in each of the foods. (10 extra-large tubes)

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