Green, Yellow and Red Stoplight Food Model Kit

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1-3 days
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Use this Stoplight Food Model Kit to demonstrate healthy eating based on the stop light theory. Green foods are everyday foods, yellow foods are weekly foods and red foods are monthly foods. 
Kit Includes: Green Foods Include: 6 oz Green Apple ½ cup Diced Mango ½ cup Sliced Cucumber 6 whole Cherry Tomatoes 3 oz Salmon 3 oz Grilled Chicken 1 cup Cooked Oatmeal Yellow Foods Include: 1/3 cup Cranberries 4 oz Orange Juice ½ cup Gold Fish Crackers 4” Pancake 1 oz Lunch Meat 4 oz Blueberry Muffin 1 oz American Cheese Red Foods Include: 3/4 cup French Fries 3” Chocolate Glazed Donut ¼ oz Bacon 2 Chicken wings 1 Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 3” Chocolate Candy Bar 2” Chocolate Cupcake 21 Foods Total Works well with any and all food models!

Stoplight Kit support package #7302 (1 18x24 poster, 1 Go*Slow*Whoa Tp and worksheet)

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