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Food Models are proven teaching aides!   NCES offers a broad array of food model kits to meet your specific needs. Help adults and kids learn to choose great foods and healthy portions.  NCES not only has kits for the five major food groups, but take a look at our specialty models for diabetic and renal diets. Try out the Stoplight Food Model with green, yellow, and red foods.


Looking for specific Food Models?   NCES offers great products.  Whether general education or specific instruction, we offer all you need in one place.  Helpful Product Links:  ALL NEW Velcro Model, Combo, Grains, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, and Protein, Diabetes, Renal, Fats & Sweets, MyPlate Foods, Fast Foods, and Snacks.


Starter Kits?  Combo Food Model or MyPlate for the New Grad.  Gift Cards available. 

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Diabetes Foods Model Kit
Fast Food Model Kit
Grains Foods Model Kit
Vegetable Foods Model Kit
Dairy Foods Model Kit
Protein Foods Model Kit
Fruit Food Models Kit
Fat & Sweets Foods Model Kit
Bariatric Food Model Kit
Combo Food Model Kit
Renal Food Model Kit
Snack Foods Food Model Kit
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