NCES and CoachCare Partnership - Supporting the coaching needs of clinics and their patients.

The NCES resources below are available to CoachCare clients to help support coach and patient initiatives.




  • Custom-branded platform to deliver a clinic's unique protocol
  • Biometric data uploaded to an online physician dashboard and available to staff
  • Up-to-the-minute alerts on anything out of compliance
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging and video conferencing
  • Detailed reporting for management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring features for maximum insurance reimbursements
  • Digital library feature that includes an upgrade for the NCES health content repository

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The Guide to Physical Fitness
1-3 days
How Much Sugar?
1-3 days
Nutriportion Measuring Cups
7-10 days
Beverages 101...Make Better Choices
1-3 days
Adult Right-Sized Portion Plate
1-3 days
Snack Foods Food Model Kit
7-10 days
Vivosmart 4
1-3 days
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