A Healthy START For A Healthier You - Pkg 25

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This expanded four page handouts highlight all the new benefits and added recommendations of the Choose MyPlate and meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines in one easy to read and interpret format. Perfect for educating people of all ages, this teaching tool is complete with an NCES exclusive S.T.A.R.T. concept, providing 5 simple steps to reinforce the dietary guidelines, detailed portion, calorie and serving size information and an easy-to-understand Energy In, Energy Out (E.I.E.O.) theory. Page 1: Listing of food groups Page 2: Serving sizes and discretionary calories, Daily amount of food from each group for males and females. Page 3: S.T.A.R.T. Concepts include S - Solid fats and added sugars provide NO nutritional value T - Try to make half your plate fruits and vegetable A - Avoid oversized portions R - Refresh with water T - Track your sodium. Page 4: Examples of foods in each food group, nutrients that provide and healthy tips. 
Package of 25 Handouts

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