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Foodspiration Set of 12 Postcards
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Foodspiration Set of 12 Postcards

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Food Therapy Inspirational messages to help you achieve your ultimate potential by inspiring the balance of food, fitness, spirituality and remembering to laugh and live life along the way. SAVOR: Time with your family and friends Savor the magic around you, savor the memories you are creating and when it comes to food, slow down, and savor the good stuff. WE LOVE TO EAT MANEFESTO: We like food that not only nourishes the body, but also satisfies the soul. We like good food. We don’t like diets. We don’t like being told what we cannot eat. We don’t like restrictions. We like to eat real food. Our passion lies in helping you learn to love eating real food without guilt, while still finding your healthy weight and enjoying the rest that life has to offer. This is our mission. We want to help you release the controls of “diets” and learn to enjoy the food around you, while still looking and feeling your best. We can help. WE INSPIRE GREATNESS: We strengthen not only the body, but also the mind. We push you to your maximum potential. Believe in yourself. We help you to achieve your goals. The time spent with us is meant to challenge you. We want you to push beyond your limits. We work to align your body with your mind and soul. We help to transform you into your best self. We challenge you to surprise yourself with all you can do. BELIEVE: Believe you have the power. Believe you have the strength, Believe in your commitment. Believe you will achieve greatness.
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